The Location

Front Office Christmas Time
Our Front Reception

Kittie Kat Tails

Hanging out on the tree
"Phantom" in one of our Condo
Kittie Kat Tails (The area where cats enjoy their holidays)

Puppy Dog Tails

Play Time
Follow The Leader
Play Time In The Yard
Davka - Just finishing supper
"Pepsi" Sitting like a perfect gentleman for his cookie
Joey - So playful - Our Standard Suite
Oscar - Looks like I woke someone up from a good dream - Time to make the bed. Our Excutive Suite
Mallory - Time to play?
Puppy Dog Tails (Where our dogs enjoy their vacations)
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133668 Allan Park Road Hanover, Ontario N4N 3B9
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"This is absolutely the
place to be for my pet"
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